Around the Hole: X Drill, in a Row

Around the Hole: X Drill, in a Row

20 min

Complete one or both approaches.

  • Approach #1 (harder) – make 12 putts in a row. Start at one side of the hole by making the shortest putt at [3 ft | 1 m], then [6 ft | 2 m], then [9 ft | 3 m], and then on to the next line of putts. The goal is to make an entire X Drill in a row, all 12 putts. If any putt is missed, start over.
  • Approach #2 (easier) – make 3 putts in a row, 4 times. The goal is to close all four sides of the hole, one side at a time. Hole 3 putts in a row [3,6, and 9 ft | 1,2, and 3 m] to close one side of the hole, then move on to the next side. Once one side is closed, do not go back to it. Each side is treated as a separate 3-in-a-row challenge. If any of the three putts are missed, start over with the first putt.

Setup* position three tees at four sides of the hole (12 tees in total)

To Enter Score in The App* To record the score in the app and get your putting handicap, hit 48 putts (4 putts from each tee) and count how many putts were made out of 48 repetitions.

Primary Skills

  • Performance
  • Shot Shaping

Secondary Skills

  • Distance Control
  • Precision/Accuracy
  • Scoring
  • Visualization/Read