Disperse, Gather – 5 Holes

Disperse, Gather – 5 Holes

20 min

Play stroke-play with 5 balls. Hit ~60 putts.

  • Occupy a position on the green and hit 5 balls to 5 different holes (disperse). Finish the closest hole and immediately hit the next putt to an end (6th) hole (gather). Do the same for all other holes. Finish the hole and hit the ball to an end hole (gather). Then finish all the putts on the 6th hole. Once all the putts are made in the 6th hole, start again by dispersing the balls to 5 different holes. Count the total score relative to PAR (each hole is PAR 2). Go back and forth at least 3 times (~60 putts in total).

Primary Skills

  • Performance
  • Shot Shaping

Secondary Skills

  • Distance Control
  • Precision/Accuracy
  • Scoring
  • Visualization/Read