All irons (9 to 2) | General Discovery
Full Swing

All irons (9 to 2) | General Discovery

20 min

Discover tendencies by hitting various ball flights to various distances, using irons only. Hit one bucket of ~50 balls.

  • As displayed, create 5 target cones [10 y/m apart] to test for distance and three corridors [8 y/m apart] to test for dispersion, anywhere from [140 to 210 y/m]. Hit 10 balls to each target cone (one bucket of ~50 balls). Test various types of shots. Randomly switch between target cones and between irons. Keep count of the differences in distance and dispersion for each target cone and each club. Draw conclusions about strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and tendencies, at the end of the discovery session.

Primary Skills

  • Performance
  • Shot Shaping
  • Technique

Secondary Skills

  • Dispersion
  • Distance Control
  • Precision/Accuracy