Bump’n’Run | Parallel Piles | 9 Stop Zones
Short Game

Bump’n’Run | Parallel Piles | 9 Stop Zones

35 min

Up to 5 players compete to stop a bump’n’run shot in the stop zone(s). The player with the most points at the end wins the challenge. One bucket of balls per player is needed.

  • How to practice? Make 2 parallel lines of 5 piles of balls (10 piles, half a bucket per pile); lines are [3 y/m apart], and piles are [4 y/m apart]. Place the piles on any type of grass (same grass or mix), anywhere from 1 to 10 y/m to the green and 5 to 30 y/m from the hole. On the green, use buckets, string lines or tees to mark 9 stop zones where to stop the ball. Players randomly select a pile to start from and randomly select the stop zone to hit a bump’n’run shot to. Each player hits one ball from the pile to the same zone and the two best balls (players) win a point. The best ball randomly selects the next pile of balls to jump to and a different stop zone to hit to, until all balls are covered. The player with the most points at the end of all shots wins the challenge.

Note* occasionally clear the balls from the green.

Primary Skills

  • Shot Shaping

Secondary Skills

  • Aim/Alignment
  • Dispersion
  • Precision/Accuracy