Chip | Fairway | Uphill/Downhill
Short Game

Chip | Fairway | Uphill/Downhill

35 min

Up to 5 players hit two buckets of balls (avg. bucket is 40 balls) from the sloped fairway; one bucket from the uphill slope and one bucket from the downhill slope.

  • How to practice? Make at least 2 piles of 20 golf balls (at most a line of 5 piles of 8 balls) per player, up to 5 players. Piles of balls must be extending at an uphill slope between 5 y/m and 30 y/m from the hole (not the green). Each player occupies one pile of balls, all players hit from the same distance. After all the balls from the players’ pile are hit, players move together to the next line of piles. Once players have hit all the balls, make the same setup at the opposite slope (i.e. downhill).

Optional. Use string lines on the green to make inner and outer targets around the hole; inner (certain par/birdie) at [6ft | 2m radius] and outer (par/birdie opportunity) at [15ft | 5m radius].

Note* If more flags are on the green, hit balls to different flags (targets).

Primary Skills

  • Performance

Secondary Skills

  • Distance Control
  • Scoring