DIY Course – Hard (Team)
Short Game

DIY Course – Hard (Team)

35 min

Up to 5 players play a hard-difficulty 9-hole ‘PAR 2’ DIY course. The best final score wins.

  • How to practice? Make 9 holes in random hard-difficulty positions around the chipping area (in the sand, sloped rough, deep rough, etc. – be creative). Place one ball per player per hole; for 5 players place 5 balls at each hole. Treat each position (ball) as a separate PAR 2 hole. Each player needs at least one wedge and a putter. Players select a hole; all players hit a shot to the green and all players putt it out as they would when playing a real course – finish the hole to the end before moving on to the next hole. Count the total score relative to the total PAR of the course (18). The best final score wins the challenge.
  • Repeat the course two to three times. Place balls at different positions.

Note* Play all 9 holes to the same flag or randomly select a flag after each hole.

Primary Skills

  • Performance
  • Shot Shaping
  • Technique

Secondary Skills

  • Distance Control
  • Scoring