Long irons (4,3,2) | Around the Stick
Full Swing

Long irons (4,3,2) | Around the Stick

20 min

Curve the ball around the alignment stick using long irons only. Hit one bucket of ~50 balls.

  • Pick a flag/target suitable for long irons (4,3,2). Place cones or buckets (or use imagination) on each side of the flag at [5% of the total distance to the flag]. Hit 25 various left-to-right ball flights and 25 various right-to-left ball flights (one bucket of ~50 balls) around the alignment stick and back to the flag, using long irons only. Aim at the cone and curve the ball back to the flag. Switch between long irons throughout the exercise.

Primary Skills

  • Shot Shaping

Secondary Skills

  • Dispersion
  • Precision/Accuracy