Long irons (4,3,2) | GIR’s Simulation
Full Swing

Long irons (4,3,2) | GIR’s Simulation

20 min

Simulate X number of GIR (Green in Regulations) using long irons only. Hit one bucket of ~50 balls. Count the total number of greens hit.

  • Pick a flag/target suitable for long irons (4,3,2). Create boundaries of green around the flag at [5% of the total distance to the flag] using cones or buckets (or use imagination). Use 50 balls to simulate five rounds on the course. Start with 6 GIR, then 8,10,12, and finally 14 GIR’s (Green in Regulations) opportunities – in a given order. Work on any ball flight. Switch between long irons throughout the exercise. Count the total number of greens hit.

Primary Skills

  • Performance

Secondary Skills

  • Precision/Accuracy
  • Scoring