Long irons (4,3,2) | PAR 3 Challenge
Full Swing

Long irons (4,3,2) | PAR 3 Challenge

20 min

Complete the ‘PAR 3 Challenge using long irons only. Hit one bucket of ~50 balls.

  • Pick flags/targets (one or more) suitable for long irons (4,3,2). Hit one bucket of ~50 balls to the picked flags, using long irons only. Treat each picked target as a separate PAR 3 hole – inside [6 y/m] is a birdie, inside cones at [10 y/m] is PAR, outside is a bogey. Hit the entire bucket to the selected flags and count the score relative to PAR. Randomly switch between flags and between long irons throughout the exercise. The challenge is a success if finished PAR or better.

Primary Skills

  • Performance

Secondary Skills

  • Distance Control
  • Precision/Accuracy
  • Scoring