Mini Polygon #9
Creative Polygon

Mini Polygon #9

70 min

Mini Polygon is a progressive challenge that consists of multiple stations. Each station is an independent drill that needs to be completed in order to progress to the next station (drill). Set up the polygon stations (drills) on and around the putting green. To complete the polygon, you must successfully finish all of the stations in one attempt – in a row, in the following order:

  1. Hole a putt from [10 ft | 3 m]
  2. Hole 4 out of 4 putts from [3 ft | 1 m]
  3. Stop the ball [1 ft | 0.3 m] behind the hole from [10 ft | 3 m] (use an alignment stick)
    • if you hole a putt you get one leeway stroke to use at the upcoming stations
  4. Two-putt from [45 ft | 15 m]
  5. Make up’n’down from [20 y/m]
    • set up the station for bump’n’run

Note* if you fail any of the drills, go back to the first station and retry. For team exercise, multiply the setup around nearby holes to accommodate 2-4 players per hole

Note* make sure you have permission to chip around the putting green

Primary Skills

  • Performance

Secondary Skills

  • Scoring