Sand | Perpendicular Ball Lines | Quadrants
Short Game

Sand | Perpendicular Ball Lines | Quadrants

35 min

Align a bucket of balls in the sand (avg. bucket is 40 balls) into 2 perpendicular lines – 20 balls per line and stop sand shots inside quadrants. Count the number of successes.

  • How to practice? For the bucket of 40 balls, make 2 parallel ball lines of 20 balls per line in the sand; lines [5-10 y/m apart], balls [1ft | 30cm apart]. Setup anywhere between 5 y/m and 60 y/m from the hole (not the green). On the green, use string lines or tees to form 4 quadrants in [10 ft | 3 m radius] circle. Hit 3-5 sand shots in a row to the same quadrant, then jump to the other ball line and hit 3-5 balls to a different quadrant. Goal is to stop the ball inside the quadrant. Count the number of successful stops.
  • Hit two buckets in total.

Primary Skills

  • Technique

Secondary Skills

  • Distance Control
  • Precision/Accuracy
  • Scoring